Renovation Journey : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

It’s carpentry measurement day! It’s also a random surprise day! :D

Thinking that we were the first to be in the house, we went into the bomb shelter to put our stuffs, only to realise there was someone else in the house. It was actually the painter! Didn’t know what he was doing in the other room but he sure was really quiet when we entered the house. Hur.

We realised the paint cans lying on the floor were ICI and Nippon Paint. Since we chose our paint from Nippon Paint, we asked our ID why was there ICI lying there and he said it will be used for the base coat. Phew. At least we are not being short-changed.

Piggeek Barn : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

Anyway we checked out the air-conditioner trunking and false ceiling that were done from yesterday. Well… Air-conditioner trunking was as complete as possible and they helped to plaster back the visible hole they had drilled. False ceiling was partly plastered up so the guy was back to continue plastering our ceiling at the later part of the day. :)

Piggeek Barn : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

Piggeek Barn : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

Then Kenneth from ASL Power came back with our Eubiq track and power plugs! They were really fast in custom-making our 2 metre long track. In less than a week and it was done! Brownie points for them! So now we have the physical track to show the carpenter so he can do the measurement to cut out a hole to hold the track on our study table. :)

Piggeek Barn : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

Carpentry measurement and discussion was longer than expected. I didn’t know there was so much to confirm until that day! Every single detail has to be confirmed and double-confirmed with the ID and us regarding the width of the item and how far apart they are. Not forgetting number of doors for the cabinet, whether we want drawer or casement doors, where to put the drawers or casement door, so on and so forth. So many configurations for the kitchen alone! o.O

Luckily when the kitchen discussion was done, other carpentry around the house was easier to decide until we hit the study room which is rather important to us since we will probably spend a lot of time in it. :) So the measurement of the cabinet was changed again and again. But both our ID and the carpenter were rather patient with us. Brownies points again~!

Also during the carpentry discussion, our bathroom PD doors were also being installed! Our ID said the company is getting popular so they will be getting busier to schedule slots for installation. And since our doors are in stock, he decided to arrange an early date to install our doors. Say byebye to exposed bathroom! Now I can use it in peace! ;)

Piggeek Barn : Paint, Eubiq and Doors!

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