Couch Potatoes!

The annual IT show in March has come and gone, and we’re happy to have bought a pair of Sony EX520 Series Bravia Full HD LCD TVs!

Intending to wall-mount both of these – the 40-inch in the living room, and the 32-inch in the study room!

Save The Date

Am down with flu and slight fever. Since am at home, decided to do up a Save The Date e-card that will probably be sent out to all friends and colleagues for RSVP when our AD draws near. The photo is just a placeholder for now before putting an actual photo from our photoshoot. :D

Idea inspired by The Wedding Chicks Save the Date template. :)


After waiting for nearly 2 weeks, HDB finally updated our HLE status!

HDB has processed your application. You will be receiving the HLE letter by mail.

Our HLE is finally approved and the details of the HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) is being shown at the bottom of the page. So now is the long wait to the key collection letter and date! :)

Time to get even more diligent and start looking for our 3rd interior designer (ID) to do our quotation comparison. :D

Excitedly Waiting…

Some time back HDB updated the status of our flat and this is what was shown:

The Probable Completion Date of your new flat is end Apr 2011. HDB will invite you to take possession of the flat when the construction of the flat is completed.

So YIPPEE! Now we can countdown to the key collection date, which also means even busier days to come!

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Appliance Shopping : Part I

After numerous days of researching online, doing price comparison, and visiting stores, we’ve finally purchased our first few pieces of household appliances.

The lucky store? Mega Discount Store.

For a long time, Shan and myself thought that everyone bought their household appliances from mega stores like Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Gain City or Courts.

Well, we thought wrong.

Just a little advice – do check out some of the recommended stores, such as Goh Ah Bee @ Kovan, Everjoint @ Ang Mo Kio and Mega Discount Store @ United Square. You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices they can offer you. All you have to do is to provide them with the model number of the appliance you intend to purchase.

During our three weeks of appliance hunting, we’re lucky to have come across many helpful sales personnel. Feel free to approach any of them for advice.

(1) Sam from Goh Ah Bee
(2) Angie from Best Denki, Takashimaya
(3) Henry from Mega Discount Store, United Square
(4) Lady from Rina Electrical, Shaw Centre

If you are going to purchase multiple items together, you may be able to bargain for a better price! Below are our purchases for today!

[1] Fujioh FG792GL : 2-burner inner-flame gas hob

[2] Brandt FC842XS1 : catalytic cleaning oven

[3] Samsung RT54EBPN : 2-door 410-litre fridge

[4] Bosch Maxx 7 VarioPerfect WAE24360SG : 7kg front-loading washer

[5] Bosch Maxx 6 WTA74100ZA : 6kg sensor dryer

Fun First Appointment at Ted Collection!

Finally get to go for my first official appointment with Ted Collection! This is the time when gown designs and colors are confirmed!

So we reached Ted Collection at 1PM for our appointment with Yap, my gown designer. So as always, Yap asked me if I have done any homework. Haha! Honestly I did a lot but nothing really caught my eye as much as one gown by Amy Michelson. As always, not going to say which one since my wedding gown is inspired from parts of the gown by Amy Michelson. :D

So I showed Yap all the photos that I collected on my MacBook Air, though not a lot, but Yap was able to get an idea what kind of look I was looking for my wedding gown. As for the evening gown and cheongsam, these two were more difficult for me to know what kind of design fits me.

So, one hour was spent discussing with Yap over the design of the wedding gown to try to find out the best look for me since my concern was my bony build. After some drawings and looking at photos in magazines, he finally spotted a lovely front design and the whole look fits perfectly with the back design of the Amy Michelson gown. And he also incorporated the color that I want instead of just a plain white wedding gown! Am so happy the whole gown design looks great! :D

Then we moved on to the design of the evening gown. Since I don’t have much ideas to the design of the evening gown and it has to fit a CERTAIN requirement, I decided to let Yap try to think up of the design for me. Since we are trying to have a different look for all 3 gowns/dresses and upon spotting a toga, I suggested a toga design and the rest was all nicely and lovingly suggested by Yap. It really has a special design to it and never will I thought of something so interesting. Haha! The tougher decision was the color to use. So after some consideration and recommendation by Yap, decided to go with something vibrant. :)

Next we have my cheongsam! Yap showed me an album on all the cheongsam designs categorised into 4 categories. So after some explanation of the differences, I made my mind and then once again, the COLORS! This was tougher considering I don’t want something too dark for cheongsam since I’m going to wear it in the morning for the tea session. So after going through the remaining palette, we have decided on the color combination too! Hehez.

So once mine was done after 3 hours, it was Feng’s turn! Feng decided to have both his suits made at Ted Collection since it will be more convenient to have fitting at the same place and easier to match my outfit. Hehez. So after some flipping of files and magazines and with the selection of the cloth, ALL WAS DONE! Yay!

So now we have one big item down and shall wait for our first fitting! :D

Ted Collection Gown Designs

Appliance Shopping: Shan’s First Wishlist Item

As the date of key-collection for our barn draws near, Feng and I had also started doing massive homework and research on what appliances we can buy for our future barn after settling our mattress. :)

One of the most important appliances to me is of ‘cos THE OVEN! Having experienced the fun in baking and the restrictions in using the small oven at my house, it’s a must for me to invest in a bigger oven! And we decided to go with a built-in oven since Feng and I thinks that we will use the oven more than the hob, influenced by baking anything from Jamie Oliver. :)

So I have shortlisted the 2 basic models from Bosch (HBN331E2J) and Brandt (FE811XS1). After having read up a lot from Renotalk, I still didn’t have a decision as to which to get since the reviews are 50-50. So Feng suggested I go with my gut feeling which includes making trips to try to find the ovens and taking a look at them. I must say after visiting some stores to find out more, personally I think Rina Electrical gave the most un-biased comment when I briefly asked the comparison between the two models. And not forgetting the lady there has a very good knowledge of the products she is introducing.

But by then, I have already set my eyes on the oven I want. The Brandt FC842XS1. Why so you might ask. If you’re considering between the two basic models, Bosch will win with its digital timer as Brandt’s one is a manual timer. But both of them has a manual temperature instead which I am more picky on since I don’t want to buy an oven thermometer as yet though some will tell me oven temperature is not accurate. Haha! But if you’re asking me which manual temperature knob looks to be more accurate, go with the Bosch as they have a 10s divide unlike Brandt. :)

So my gut feeling told me to go with Brandt though Bosch has a better reputation overseas but I trust my gut feeling since Brandt is the sister company of De Dietrich so it can’t go too wrong right? And since the basic model has no accurate temperature marking, I decided to go with the 2nd model which is the FC842XS1 which has catalytic cleaning function and a rotisserie and some additional functions from the basic model. :)

Brandt FC842XS1

Here’s some price guide for you after Feng’s diligence in calling the various recommended shops. :)

Brandt FE811XS1: S$775 (Everjoint), S$820 (Mega Discount Store), S$899 (Original Price)
Bosch HBN331E2J: S$625 (Everjoint), S$639 (Mega Discount Store)

Brandt FC842XS1: S$1150 (Goh Ah Bee), S$1200 (Everjoint), S$1260 (Mega Discount Store), S$1400 (Original Price)

Note: Everjoint only accepts cash or cheque that is probably why the price is lower than many places. Mega Discount Store has a 5% interest on installment and 2% additional for using credit card. So take note! :)

Voomy Happy!

Feng the caller has made a call to our bridal car driver and confirmed with him the date of our wedding and made a booking with him! Yay!

The driver told Feng to call back 3 months before the wedding to double confirm again. So now we have our Voom Vroom settled! :D

The Firm, The Plush, and The Weird

We went on a mattress-buying mission.

From knowing absolutely nothing at all at first, to making our purchase eventually – it was definitely a fun experience!

Our first trip brought us to Furniture Mall, where we spent some time trying on mattress from brands like Simmons and Sealy. As we spoke to the boutique assistants and tried on the mattresses, we slowly formed our opinions as to what we liked.

Luckily, both Shan and myself preferred the plushier (softer) type of mattress, as opposed to the firmer ones, so we could easily narrow down our choices. It may be daunting at first, but the more we tried on the mattresses, the more we knew what the different brands had to offer.

Three common brands we shortlisted :
Serta – We felt that they had firmer mattresses which didn’t really suit our preference.
Simmons – Great isolation of movement which means your partner would not be disturbed.
Sealy – The most comfortable in our opinion, despite having transference of motion.

Apart from the “normal” mattresses, there were these “weird” foam mattresses on offer by Omazz and Tempur, which gave a very unique sensation. Not for us! We visited a host of retailers to try out the different mattresses, including Sealy Sleep Palace at Tanglin Place – the only outlet that has Sealy’s exclusive Hotel Collection mattresses.

After some consideration, we finally decided on Sealy Posturepedic Palatial Crest. This was without doubt the most comfortable mattress we have tried! Made our way to Furniture Mall to try on the mattress for the final time (on Christmas Day), and bought it!

Our queen-size mattress is longer and thicker than the standard ones, so do take note of the dimension of the mattress you’re buying!
Palatial Crest Mattress Dimension : 1520mm x 1980mm x 380mm

Don’t forget to ask for your mattress protector and pillows! We got extras!
Happened to have a Christmas Lucky draw going. Look at our coupons!

The grand prize we’re gonna win!

All About The Face

It has been some time since Shan raised the idea of going for facial treatments, in preparation for our big day. After all, if we could look our very best, why not?

The ever-diligent Shan did plenty of research, and eventually decided on Leonard Drake (LD), having come across some good reviews on it. Being the ever-supportive hubby, of course I didn’t mind accompanying her for a facial! I know of some guys who frown upon such un-manly stuff! Can anyone spell metrosexual?

And so, we booked our appointments and had our facials done. The overall experience was great. Upon reaching the venue, LD’s consultants got us to take a seat and fill up a simple questionnaire to get to know us more and what type of treatment we felt we needed.

Once we were done, it was followed by a simple consultation where our main problem was pinpointed, and a facial treatment was recommended. Shan got herself an Ultra Sensitive Skin Treatment, while I got an Advance Ultrasonic Skin Radiance. As first-time customers, we can enjoy a 40% discount.

No worries if you’re lugging along shopping bags, large lockers are provided to store all your belongings. We were then ushered into the treatment room – we got ourselves a couple treatment room, Yay!

During each step of the treatment, Nana (my skincare consultant for the day) would explain what exactly was happening – great for a noob like myself. Well, I couldn’t really keep up with all the stuff that was going on (cleansing I assumed, followed by steam treatment and extraction, finishing with the ultrasonic and mask thing), but I was happy to just lie there and have a good rest with soothing music playing in the background. I might have dozed off for a minute or two?

The entire treatment process took about 1 to 1.5 hours. Both Shan and myself were impressed enough to sign on for a basic package with Leonard Drake, which according to LD’s consultants should have sufficient credits for about 5 treatments. More info here. Also, because we sign on for the package as first-time customers, we would be entitled to $150 off our first treatment.

More updates when we go for subsequent treatments at Leonard Drake!